Saturday, January 20, 2007

six to 8

On a cold evening with my coffee
and rum
my balcony and
4-yr old manali market

the old man
walk up and down
to the the door
to the
the door

till it is too dark for me to see
till it is too late for him to be out

the old man and I
on an evening in jhansi

Friday, January 19, 2007

some comments I found cute

Jaded question from me to this cute ‘lil girl in a printed white frock and lace around the neckline
“where are you going?”

In a deep voice, she replied….”nuckh-lau”…. (for lucknow ofcors)

wonder if my 60 odd aunty Virginia, is a virgin?”…I wondered aloud to a friend…
Ask her….he said, "Virgin- ya?"

essage on the wall near Daryaganj police station in 2001.
It goes…

....Please Bill no stick.....

he menu displayed on a student-type eatery in Hudson Lines in 1998, read as..

an painted on wall in Ideal Lane, Dangratoli chowk in Ranchi in 1992

....Yahaan peshaab karna mana hai....

He finshed painting. In bold and in red. Unzipped his pants, peed and took off in his cycle.

ood looking guy in my compartment in tata bound train asked me what do I do? I work on the issue of anti-trafficking, I said.

Long pause

He: Ahem….traffick is a problem in Mumbai. Very crowded.

I took my book and climbed onto the topmost berth.

old men from my earlier organization loved to use similees. One would say, “bla bla bla (whatever the issue of the moment
)….otherwise you will miss the bus…”

Another would love to say (for any issue)….
“you have to hit the iron when it is hot”.

A third uncle, who would say any shit for diplomacy, on one 10 o’clock Saturday meeting in the dome said…..

“As so and so rightly said, … have to hit the iron when it is hot……
Otherwise you will miss the bus.”

I am scared to call out the names of my NGO partners. Marathi names are very scary to pronounce for a regular hindi speaker like me.

I called a Mr. Badve as Bhadwe once (2005). We all were straight faced ofcourse.
I therefore, dare not call out for Bhosle.

(What kind of names are these?)

ne of my field workers (2003) would stammer. His Bundelkhandi hinglish was classic (I say this not in a bitchy way). My colleague Bajpai was supposed to have met up with this guy the previous night for some work.

Says the guy,
“ yaar Bbbjjpai, ttuum kkal aaake mujjhhhko touch nahin kiye”?

friend of mine was scared that she was pregnant. So the boyfriend goes to this pharmacy and hesitantly asks for Parakh (supposedly some home pregnancy test).
shopkeeper: Hein-ji? Hein-ji? ... oho aise boliye na.

Boyfriend of friend comes out with Perk.

ome stupid dame in some school in some small town (I have been to many small town schools) once bragged...
"My (her's) pronounciation is very good".