Monday, February 19, 2007

the rock

many expressions come to my mind
cool mist washin over me
thin soft flakes melting down my cheeks
cold fingers finding warmth on your tight clasp
fingers and palms fitting perfectly
long companiable silent walk
pausing and looking back
stopping and looking ahead
breathless but content
words shared with people heading the other way
not meaningless words only an effort to catch onto more newness
the fading sunlight
gods light
pink light
orange light
purple light
still some more light after the sunset
then darkness
only firelight
and that within

the chill of fresh silkcotton like snow, the heat of dancing flames
the intimate cover of silver-darkness
the colours of intimacy, love and companionship
the sounds ethereal

some more expressions come to my mind
intruding sunlight

like the hiss of snow on fire
of an impending closure
of the joy of having known such happiness

No Title

Yesterday I did not look back
Yesterday I, after a long time again felt weak in the nerves
That Fluttery feeling
Yesterday I again day dreamed
Yesterday I wanted to blush and feel shy again

Yesterday when the old call came I was indifferent
Fond memories but that’s what it came down to-
fond memories

Yesterday I once again wanted to grab the warmth of the sun
It no longer matters that I do not want to look back
Yesterday it did'nt matter that the way ahead is still lone.