Sunday, September 28, 2008

@ A Happy Sunday

Regret, redefined:
Sanity realised when the damage is done

Realisation, redefined:
When the ego takes a back seat and misplaced pride is accepted

Stupidity, redefined:
When you don’t know how to go back when you have realised the right path

Loss, redefined:
When you don’t want to go back when you have realised the right path

Giving, redefined:
When you can surrender without losing yourself

Gift, redefined:
When you can give it to someone because you like it so much for yourself

Joy, redefined:
When you feel a tangible lift of something within you even when your life is not as you would have wanted it to be

Maturity, redefined:
When you can separate the good and the bad; build upon the good, understand the bad and work to make it good

Impulse, redefined:
When you would not act upon something in the light of the day

A good idea redefined:
When it would seem good, be it night or day

Imagination, redefined:
When you see things because you want them to be

Obsession, redefined:
When you start believing that your misplaced imagination is the reality

Faith, redefined:
When you know that even if the present is tough, good things are bound to happen to you

Avarice, redefined:
When you don’t know when to stop

Liking redefined:
When you can accept the negatives, yet feel great fondness and the wish to stay on

Love, redefined:
When giving does not depend on getting

Beer, redefined:



Anonymous said...

redefining moments and all , eh?

but y do we bother to define things hen we can't really practice them? arent we wasting time?

darksunshine said...

no waste of time...
some you realise when its too late and you make an effort to make it right.
some you realise when you its late but not too late...
some you don't want to make an effort because the context would have changed...
and some you have always been practicing but worded just now...

William Wood Field said...


I love how you clarify and bring to light those murky and obscure reasons we try to use when we sequester our imperfections in the commonplace. Very well done, indeed!

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