Friday, March 27, 2009

like @ all seasons

an old colleague called me up after 6 years, yesterday. he who used to be so shy and reticent was talking nineteen to a dozen about how i have been the best 'boss', how i kept my team together, how there used to be a feelgood feeling when i was around. how i should be back in that organisation since now it is ridden only with talkers and no doers, he said.

i did roll my eyes once a while and tried to cut short his 'appreciation' since he seemed to be going overboard. Being appreciated, i do love and gloat at as well, but when one trips over his tongue, it reeks of a desperation which i would rather do without.
and then i got to know that he had been negotiating over something and was asked to leave the organisation instead.

okay, so this explains it, i thought. i ofcourse know that my team was good and i was good but it made me nod my head again, thinking that ...

we generally like and appreciate things in comparison.
one thing is good because the other is not good enough.

and how beautiful it is to like something just for what it is
without any comparisons


Gauri said...

Hey RT !! Welcome back after a long break :)your post made me remember what I read somewhere "if you dont experience whats bad, then how will you know what 'good' feels like" :)

Regular69 said...

...'cuse me Mam' did you have short hair then?....Wah! Wah! Wah! you looked so's cools!!!!

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