Wednesday, April 22, 2009


a sexy woman walked into the lift today
in the sweltering heat of mumbai
she wore grey tweed dress
with a wide and plunging neckline

and all of us gawked.
i imagined my baggy clad woman colleague saying
chee.... women today
i imagined her male colleagues
trying hard to look nowhere but her eyes

i was the only one she caught smiling
hey, i wanted to call out... i am not smiling
i am just, smiling


shuchika said...

ha ha very cute

Gauri said...

LOL !! Ekdum RT Eshtyle ;) Read your post and could almost vividly picture the scene :)

Regular69 said...

Good one Ree...but tweed?....that sexy anymore?

Anonymous said...

:) just smiling

d gypsy! said...

:P 'just' makes all the difference

Ronin said...

I like. :)

shuchika said...

write some more

D said...

i like when you said male colleagues "trying hard to look nowhere but her eyes,"... i don't know why we do it?
I mean she wears it coz she like it, she like it coz she comfortable, she knows what she shows, so no problemo when i stare, but when i stare why the glare?

if you can answer what should a colleague really do, will be great service to man(kind).

tanuj solanki said...

It is nice... but please be atleast as patient, so as to put capital letters and punctuations in your poems.


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